The Last C.W.W.C

Hi. Here’s my last C.W.W.C challenge story.


The wind whistled through my hair. My heart was thumping wildly in my chest. Why did I agree to this again? Snow white  doves were flapping their soft wings. I let out a gasp as one flew right next to my ear. I hate birds. But it’s always birds I have to deal with. Always.

Sneaking a quick peek down, I back up against the building. 20ft of open air was below me, under that bustling people, and cars. If I fell it would be a direct flight to my death. I heard a sound behind me on the ledge. There. That’s what I’ve come for.

“Alex.” I yell so he can here me over the sound of the roaring wind and the honking cars below. But he already knows I’m here. That’s why he’s running. I try to chase after him as quickly as I can, but I’m going to fast, I lose my footing. I feel the coolness of the wind as I tip off the edge. But something catches my hand. Alex. He heaves me up on to the edge. We both just sit there, huffing out breath after breath.

“Thanks.” I say finally.

“No problem.” A moment of silence then he asks “But how did you find me anyway?”

“I’m a detective. That’s what I do.” I answered, lying through my teeth.

“My mom told you, didn’t she?”

I don’t answer because she did and I don’t want to admit it. He nods his head slowly.

“Figures. Well I guess you can take me back now.” When I don’t move he says: “That is what you came to do right?”  I nod. That is what I came for. But now I’m not so sure.


Thanks so much for reading!


Merry Christmas-25 Days of Nice Part 4

Hi! I can’t believe it is Christmas Eve already! I probably won’t be posting until the start of January, but I may get a post in on Dec. 26.

 Here are the last two days of 25 Days of Nice:

24. Don’t let little things bother you. Be happy and don’t worry. 

25. Smile, share, give compliments, say thank you, be friendly, be happy, spend lots of time with family, and most of all have fun.   😀

jordan merry christmass

In case you wondering, I edited this picture on PicMonkey.

Merry Christmas! 


Winter Wonderland

Hello. Today I went outside and quite literally was walking in a winter wonderland.  So naturally I took lots of pictures of the scenery, but I also took some pictures of my pets to share with you. Thanks for the great idea K.A  🙂 .






This is Tiger. He is really old, but very friendly. 



This is Blossom who is a huge cat, as you can see in the picture. But lovable all the same. 😀



Our cats live in a shed that has lots of food, blankets and a heated box for them.


This is Koko our dog and yes we do spell her name like that.


I tried to get her to stay and let me take more pictures of her by the old truck, but obviously she had something better to do (also know as chasing squirrels).


All our chickens don’t really have names, but our two turkeys are both called Lovely because we can’t tell them apart.  😉

2 more days till Christmas!!!


C.W.W.C Challenge 6

Hi. Here is my short story for challenge 6. I used two prompts this time.

writing 2.jpg

writing 1

Rain, rain always rain. It was enough to make everyone around me crazy. But not me. I love the rain. I feel like it washes away all the mistakes of yesterday. My roommates beg to differ. We were all stuck inside the tiny confinements of our room.  We’re used to being stuck. They never let us out the big chain fence, never getting any further outside than that. This was a different kind of trapped feeling though.  Nobody but me could stand it. It was on those days we were stuck inside (which was often) everyone got a little more angry at small mistakes, everyone played more pranks, and there was always more screaming and yelling.  Too much screaming and yelling, it reminded me of my past which I wanted to stay buried deep in the tunnels of my mind. But here at the orphanage, there was no stopping it from coming out of hiding.

I stared out the blurry window at the end of the row of 5 straight beds on each side. The rain poured down, but the faint glow of the sign across the street could still be seen. Cure us, it read out. Originally it had said Picture House, whatever that was suppose to mean. But everyday since I’ve arrived here a light burnt out on the sign. Till finally it told me all I needed to know.

I looked around at Mary Sue who was sitting staring at the blank white wall clenching her fists, just like she did every time it rained. That would of seemed not completely crazy of any normal person to do. Except, Mary Sue wasn’t normal. She had been sitting there for 7 hours.

Jeeneva and Lucy were whispering to each other. You could tell they were talking about something horrible by the way Lucy smiled and Jeeneva nodded and looked around. Carrie was practicing her boxing punches against the wall. But even as her knuckle streamed blood she continued.  The holes in the wall just kept growing.

As you look around at every single orphan in the room you come to the realization that the fence around the orphanage is to keep the public safe from the kids. Not the other way around.  When I realized this, I was worried. I was stuck inside a fence with a bunch maniacs. But then I realized there was a reason I’m here. I just haven’t figured it out yet.

Thanks for reading. I hope you liked it.  🙂  Also only 4 days till Christmas! Yay!


25 Days of Nice Part 3

Hello. Here are a few more nice ideas to complete.

16. Call a faraway relative or friend.

17. Make people laugh and laugh at there jokes.

18. Include everyone.

19. Play with a pet.

20. Plan a special activity.

21. Tell everyone how much you care.

22. Encourage people to do good, or try something new.