Creating Worlds Writing Camp: Defenders of Fire

Hi! I am participating in C.W.W.C from the blog  and I used the writing prompt: “There are others, but I am the first. I am the original.” . So I wrote this quick beginning of a story. I am a member of Team Half -Blood (whoop whoop go team!) 🙂 I hope you enjoy.


Sitting here looking around at my fellow members, I see the devilish hunger in their eyes. From face to face, looking around at what we have lost and what we’ve become. We came to where we are now with innocent intentions, but now there are certainly none left and I am to blame. There are others like me, but I was the first. I am the original. The first defender of fire.

That’s what we are now. Defenders of Fire. You are probably wondering how we got to this point, so please let me explain. My story is complicated, but sadly many have experienced the same. Let us begin with me angrily slamming my door to my tiny room.  

Two Years Earlier

“I hate you” I yell at the door closed in front of me. I’m not mad at the door as you might think. But rather the evil that is quickly passing behind it. My sister. Jaclyn Emeralds. She’s 20 and until recently I had no idea I even had a sister. I was an orphan. Both my parents had died in an incident one after another that was never quite explained to me. I was small when they died though. Only 2 years old, so of course no one actually tried to explain it to me. Though by the time I wanted to know what had happened I had already traveled halfway across the country because I had been what they called “a troublemaker” in most of my orphanages and they had to send me away to another one each time. So finally in an effort to get me out of their system they did a background check and found I still had one living relative. A sister.

Turns out she had been put out for adoption when she was just a baby. My parents probably didn’t have the money to take care of her and had no choice but to give her up. When I found out I was excited. A sister! Someone I could finally trust and maybe even love. But when they transported me to her house I didn’t find a warm greeting, but a hatred so strong towards me I almost melted away with her glare. Turns out she was angry at me for getting the chance to even know our parents a little longer than she did. Though she didn’t know it I knew, that she was always wondering why they gave her up and not me. She tried to reason the logical money problem to herself but it never quite stuck and she was constantly thinking up other reasons. One day though, she stopped trying to figure out the great mystery and instead thought up more reason to hate me in her head. Well that’s my idea anyway.

Now I’m frozen in her icy grip. She’s like a chinese finger trap, the more I try to wiggle out  the more she squeezes the life out of me. But I’ve had enough, I’m 13 now and I can take care of myself.  I grab the small pack I have been hoarding stuff in for the past 5 years and sling it onto my back. The day I have been planning for is finally here. It’s my birthday and it’s time to escape the trap. I’ve figured out the trick to her puzzle and it’s time to break it all apart. 
With the pack on my shoulder and an intense burning in my heart. I quickly slide out my window, my tiny feet touch the rough ground and I rush into the darkness of the night. I know where I’m going.  It’s not my feet that are taking me there, but the fire inside my heart.


Did you like it? Please comment if you did. Also I know the blog right now is more Daydreaming and less Dolls. But don’t worry I will get the dolls in soon.   😉



22 thoughts on “Creating Worlds Writing Camp: Defenders of Fire

  1. Never underestimate the competition…that’s a lesson for me…you have me scared Anna! Your story is much better than mine, it is like somethings you would read in an actual book! 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

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