Creating Worlds Writing Camp: Challenge 2

Hey, I finished my second Creating Worlds Writing Camp story so here it is…

(I used this as my writing prompt)


I found the cup when I was just a little girl. It was just sitting, staring me right in the face. It was a simple, small, pale red mug. The inside was stained with what looked like coffee and the saucer had crack in the middle of it. The handle curled around the side. We were cleaning out my great grandmother’s house.

She had died recently and my father and his parents had been devastated. I didn’t know my great grandmother well, she had been forgetful and grumpy all the time I had known her, but my father told me of a time when she was the nicest and kindest soul he had every know. Today he didn’t want to come, he said that it would be all to emotional for him and would stir up “old wounds” as he put it. So we ventured, my mom, my brother, my grandmother and I, to the tiny cabin about a 20 minute drive from our farm. It was small, but It held many of Great Grandmothers most beloved possessions. Each one holding their own little memory and sentimental value.

So as we walked in the front door, my mom let out a little gasp. We had a lot of work to do. The floor of the cabin was barely visible through the thick dust and the boxes that cluttered every nook and cranny. So we set off to work, Grandmama was the supervisor and told as which boxes could stay and which would have to go. Great Grandmother was her mother after all and she knew what was important.  We slowly sifted through the containers finding hidden treasures. The beautiful jewelry and old fancy clothing didn’t affect me. But what mesmerized me was the mug.  I carefully picked it up and cradled it in my hands. Walking over to my Grandmama I asked “ Could I have this?”   

However she was off in her own little sad world and just nodded. I took the cup and nestled it into some tissue paper in the back of the truck.

Later that day when we had gone back home. I grabbed the age old cup and brought it to the kitchen. I could my hear the hum of the tv next door as my dad, and mom quietly listened to the evening news. Sitting down on the tall stool by our counter top. I set the cup down, grabbed a tea packet it, boiled some water, poured it in and stirred. But as I swiftly, spun the spoon around smoke began to curl up out of the cup I watched my eyes widening as tiny trees appeared and minuscule birds flew across the sky and then I saw a tiny girl walking and as I leaned closer to get a better look the smoke engulfed me and suddenly I was sucked into the little world inside my cup.

Thanks for reading. Sorry for the cliff hanger that will never be fulfilled. 😉




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