C.W.W.C Challenge 3

Hi. I am a bit behind on… well everything on my blog right now. Sorry about that. I hope to get my 25 Days of Nice update up soon. Today though I have a my quick story for the C.W.W.C. I hope you like it.   🙂


“We have a chance to do something!” I yell excitedly at Even.  He just shakes his head sadly. But my head is swarming with new ideas.

“We could start a revaluation, kick this stupid king out of his throne! But instead you just want to sit here and pretend we’re innocent?”

“But what if it doesn’t work? We lose or jobs, get kicked out of the castle, or worse. ” Even moans.

“What’s worse is just pretending our lives are perfect when they are most definitely not! This is our chance to be heroes.”

He looks down at the dusty floor of the storage room.

“We’re just kids Emily. We aren’t supposed to be heroes.” He whispers quiet like a mouse, but I can hear him as clear as crystal.

“What happened to you?! You use to be fearless, you use to be happy! This is because of him!” I spit.

“Stop it Emily. You know as well as anyone what happened. Lets just forget.” When he finally looks up and see’s the angry tears in my eyes. he adds a small “Please?”

But no. The damage is done, I turn around and stomp to the door, fling it open, then turn my head around and add:

“Fine, I can do this myself. I’ll be the hero and you can just stay here and rot!”

I see the hurt, and despair in his eyes, but I just slam the door and run down the deserted hall.

Thanks for reading.


P.S  9 day till Christmas!!! Yay!   😀



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