The Last C.W.W.C

Hi. Here’s my last C.W.W.C challenge story.


The wind whistled through my hair. My heart was thumping wildly in my chest. Why did I agree to this again? Snow white  doves were flapping their soft wings. I let out a gasp as one flew right next to my ear. I hate birds. But it’s always birds I have to deal with. Always.

Sneaking a quick peek down, I back up against the building. 20ft of open air was below me, under that bustling people, and cars. If I fell it would be a direct flight to my death. I heard a sound behind me on the ledge. There. That’s what I’ve come for.

“Alex.” I yell so he can here me over the sound of the roaring wind and the honking cars below. But he already knows I’m here. That’s why he’s running. I try to chase after him as quickly as I can, but I’m going to fast, I lose my footing. I feel the coolness of the wind as I tip off the edge. But something catches my hand. Alex. He heaves me up on to the edge. We both just sit there, huffing out breath after breath.

“Thanks.” I say finally.

“No problem.” A moment of silence then he asks “But how did you find me anyway?”

“I’m a detective. That’s what I do.” I answered, lying through my teeth.

“My mom told you, didn’t she?”

I don’t answer because she did and I don’t want to admit it. He nods his head slowly.

“Figures. Well I guess you can take me back now.” When I don’t move he says: “That is what you came to do right?”  I nod. That is what I came for. But now I’m not so sure.


Thanks so much for reading!



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