Hazel and Jordan’s Winter Fun


Hazel and Jordan rushed out of school. They had planned it the week before and had been so excited they couldn’t concentrate in any of their classes.  Today they were going to go sledding.  They had pooled their money together so they could buy a saucer and today they were going to use it at last.


Hazel volunteered to go first. She climbed on and pushed off with her hands.


She raced down the hill. Chocolate Chip, Jordan’s dog, chased after her.


“Wohoo!” She cheered.


Jordan ran down to meet her at the bottom. Hazel smiled triumphantly.


Hazel giggled as Chocolate Chip jumped on her with snowy paws.


“That was awesome!” Jordan exclaimed “Can I go now?”
“Yeah!” Hazel answered and reluctantly gave over the saucer.


Jordan journeyed back up the hill, while Hazel waited at the bottom.


She gave a huge push, and practically flew down the hill.


She stop at the bottom of the hill tipped over side ways.


Chocolate Chip licked her face, and Hazel rushed to her aid.


But she wasn’t much help and just burst out laughing at the peculiar sight.


Jordan started chuckling a little, but both girls ended up roaring with laughter.


They spent the rest of the afternoon sliding down the hill and laughing till their sides hurt.

The End.

Thanks for reading!


And I Dreamed….

Hi. Here’s a short Photo Shoot/Story from the point of view of Robin.


I was in the middle of an icy land, surrounded by snow and a few evergreen trees.


I took a careful step forward. My frosty toes crunching in the crystal white snow. My feet and arms were bare, yet I didn’t feel cold.


I twirled my arms around and laughed,  I felt as light as a feather.


There was no one to be seen. I was free, free to do whatever I pleased.


I was the princess of my own snowy palace, but I was also the queen, the knight, and the peasant. Whatever I could think up.



I traveled in deeper. The powder up to my knees now, but I marched on. I was an explorer, discovering new lands that no human had ever visited before.


Wonderful mystical lands.


With my mind full of thoughts and my heart brimming with joy I dreamed.


I awoke they next morning at home in my bed. I missed my snowy world, and the freedom that came with it. But alas it had all been a dream.

Thanks so much for reading. I hope you enjoyed. This was pretty whimsical and I had fun writing it.


Throwback Thursday: Kristen’s Craft Book

Hi everyone. It’s Thursday and I’m trying something new. Throwback Thursday. This won’t be an every week thing, but I might do it once in a while.


This picture was suppose to be turned the other way, but for some reason I can’t rotate it. Today I’m talking about Kristen’s Craft Book. It was released in 1994 when AG was still owned by the Pleasant Company.  I did not buy it but one of my relatives found it a used book sale and she gave it to me.


Whoever originally bought it got it for only $3.


The book has lots of interesting facts and nice pictures.


It talks about Kristen.


 It also has lots of great crafts.


At the back of the book they have a catalogue order form, and a picture of the first 6 Historical Dolls.

Thanks for reading.


Random Thoughts of 2016

Hi. This is a very late post, I mean it’s been 2016 for 10 days now, but I’m still going to post it anyway…

On the very first of January… Lea Clark came out! She looks so pretty and I love her messenger bag. Welcome Lea! Sadly I will not get her, because I promised myself I would not get another doll *sigh*.  (Unless I win one of the many contests I have entered! 😉 )

Anyway enough of my dreaming,  many things are going to happen in 2016 like…

  • The 2016 Summer Olympics are going to be held in Rio de Janeiro
    which is in Brazil and Lea is part Brazilian. Coincidence? I don’t know.
  • 2016 is a leap year so we have one extra day in February this year.
  • And there are tons more things, but I am completely blanking out so I will end this post here. XD