Random Thoughts of 2016

Hi. This is a very late post, I mean it’s been 2016 for 10 days now, but I’m still going to post it anyway…

On the very first of January… Lea Clark came out! She looks so pretty and I love her messenger bag. Welcome Lea! Sadly I will not get her, because I promised myself I would not get another doll *sigh*.  (Unless I win one of the many contests I have entered! 😉 )

Anyway enough of my dreaming,  many things are going to happen in 2016 like…

  • The 2016 Summer Olympics are going to be held in Rio de Janeiro
    which is in Brazil and Lea is part Brazilian. Coincidence? I don’t know.
  • 2016 is a leap year so we have one extra day in February this year.
  • And there are tons more things, but I am completely blanking out so I will end this post here. XD



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