And I Dreamed….

Hi. Here’s a short Photo Shoot/Story from the point of view of Robin.


I was in the middle of an icy land, surrounded by snow and a few evergreen trees.


I took a careful step forward. My frosty toes crunching in the crystal white snow. My feet and arms were bare, yet I didn’t feel cold.


I twirled my arms around and laughed,  I felt as light as a feather.


There was no one to be seen. I was free, free to do whatever I pleased.


I was the princess of my own snowy palace, but I was also the queen, the knight, and the peasant. Whatever I could think up.



I traveled in deeper. The powder up to my knees now, but I marched on. I was an explorer, discovering new lands that no human had ever visited before.


Wonderful mystical lands.


With my mind full of thoughts and my heart brimming with joy I dreamed.


I awoke they next morning at home in my bed. I missed my snowy world, and the freedom that came with it. But alas it had all been a dream.

Thanks so much for reading. I hope you enjoyed. This was pretty whimsical and I had fun writing it.



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