A Sunny Sunday Afternoon

Hazel here! It has been a really busy week for me and so this afternoon all of us just took the day off.

I have been reading most of the afternoon. Which is quite lovely because I have not have had time to do it recently.


Bella has the task of looking after Clara this afternoon and has been playing a game with her. From what I can understand it seems very complex and I find myself enjoying more and more the fact that I am completely free to do nothing all afternoon. I just wish spring would come quicker so I could go outside and play instead. I love to read, but I keep finding myself day dreaming about the outdoors. There is a reason they call it great you know.

Anyway, I better get back to my book. Have a wonderful day!

Hazel ❤

Meet Poppy O’Hair

I received The Ever After High Dragon Games Poppy (daughter of Rapunzel) doll for Valentines Day from my parents (Thank you 😉  ).  So today I am going to do a review and photo shoot for her.



When I first got Poppy out of the box, her hair was soooo stiff! I brushed it all out except the very front, so that the way her bangs are swept will stay in place. Now her hair is soft, and way better than before.


Poppy has a nice face mold, with purple eye shadow, and pink lips. She comes with a headband, which at first I wasn’t sure about it’s design, but it has really grown on me.


Poppy also has armor for her shoulders that can be easily snapped on and off. But it also sometimes falls when you move her arms up and down. She has a belt that can be removed, and it has little scissors in the middle.



Her shirt and cape (can I call it a cape?) are attached and her leggings are purple and silver and do not go all the way down her legs. I think the pattern on them is really neat.


Her boots are my favorite part of the outfit. They are wicked cool, and I love the fact that they have a pattern like dragon scales.


Poppy came with her own baby dragon.


And she’s too cute! I like how her tail is braided, because it really highlights Poppy’s story.


On the back of the box it says her dragons name is Brushfire.


Now I just have some photos of Holly and Poppy together.


I have the Sugar Coated Poppy O’Hair doll, in case you were wondering.




I hope you enjoyed my first review! If you have any questions feel free to ask in the comments.