Hazels Hike

Hi! Here’s a quick photo shoot I did with Hazel the other day. In her point of view.


One foot in front of another I step along the old tree’s thick bark.


I love to hike and climb trees. My parents would take me on camping trips when I was younger and it’s just so refreshing to get outside and learn about all the living things around you.


I close my eyes for a second. I let the breeze slowly rock me and feel the sun warm my face and neck.


This reminds me of when I was little and my dad use to hoist me up onto trees. I’d let my feet dangle and giggle at the rush of being up so high.


More memories fly back to me and I smile. The outdoors are a such a lovely place to remember childhood thoughts.


I kind of ended that on a whim but I ran out of pictures  😉   Have a happy Wednesday!



Doll Outfit Challenge: #3

Hi! I am so behind I am just starting this now.  For those of you who don’t know what the Doll Outfit Challenge is:  it is a fun thing going on at My Doll Neighborhood where you design an outfit with a theme in mind for your doll. This weeks theme is fantasy so I am came up with this:


I am guessing you know the myth of king Midas. Where he received the gift of  gold touch. So that everything he everything he touched turned into gold and as the story goes he accidentally turned his daughter into gold. So Bella as you can see is acting as king Midas’s daughter.


Have a lovely day!


Hunted: Part 2


Suddenly Jordan tripped over a rock and fell over. Spoiling the pink team’s chances of winning. Bella rushed over to her.

“Are you okay Jordan?” Bella asked.

Jordan answered: “Yeah, I think I can walk it just hurts.”


Soon the other girls turned away from the finish line and the unknown prize and rushed to Jordan’s aid.


“Let’s all cross the finish line together. That way we can all have the prize.” Robin said.


So they all helped Jordan up and walked to the finish line together.


But to their huge disappointment they found only one fake golden egg.

“Oh come on!” Hazel grumbled.

“I climbed up a tree for this and all we get is one egg?” Jordan asked no one in particular.

“So unfair.” Robin agreed.

“Whoever hid these Easter eggs better hope we never find them or else their in for a lot of complaints from us.”


“I guess we’ll never know who hid the eggs though,” Bella sighed. And that was the truth. They never found out, but the girls didn’t mind.  They still had a fun day hunting for Easter eggs and that was what mattered.

The End. (For real this time) 😀

Today was a slightly windy day so if you have ever tried to stand a doll up when the wind is blowing against them you know my struggles. 🙂  But I still had a lot of fun with this photo story. So I hoped you enjoyed. Happy Easter!


Hunted: An Easter Photostory

Happy Easter everyone. Today I have a two part photo story for you! Which is crazy because I never do these! But never the less today I am doing a photo story. So let us begin….

It was a sunny morning no different than any other morning that week, except it was Easter! The girls had just eaten their breakfast and were excitedly getting ready for their annual Easter egg hunt. But suddenly there was a knock at the door. Jordan went to answer, but found only a note.

“Hey you should come look at this.” Jordan said turning the smooth pink paper over in her hand.

The note read:

Today in the park. Two Teams. Blue and Pink. DSC_1039

“Wow! Let’s try and find out who sent it,” said Robin, who is a avid reader of Nancy Drew and other mystery novels.

“Totally it could be fun!” exclaimed adventurous Hazel.

“Uh, I don’t know girls. We should just stay and do our egg hunt here,” Bella said quietly.DSC_1038

Jordan, who was sort of the unspoken leader of the group announced: “come on Bella, we’ll go check it out. You can be on my team, Team Pink. And Robin and Hazel will be Team Blue.” Bella smiled.

“Well I guess it could be okay,” she said, but was still unsure.


So the girls walked to the park excitedly chattering about what awaited them.



The girls found another note that read:
Welcome to the Easter egg hunt. Follow the clues and find the eggs then get back to the finish line again. 
“Oooo sounds fun,”  said Robin happily.


So each team raced to their first clues. The pink team clue said: Don’t leave me hanging, it’s not my fault I’m taller than you.

“Hmmmm, Oh oh I’ve got it! The big ever green tree over by the pond!” Bella shouted.

“Oh I get it, don’t leave me hanging, because the ever green tree has no leaves!” Jordan answered.


Hazel and Robin picked up their clue and Hazel read aloud what it said: I rhyme with fond and I’m deep and wide.

“Oh that’s easy, it’s the pond!” Robin laughed and the girls rushed off.



Jordan and Bella arrived at their first destination, the ever green tree. They circled it and looked around and eventually found a light pink egg and a note that said: Birds flock to my plentiful branches.

“The bird feeders!”

“Let’s go.”


The girls put the egg in their basket and ran off. When they got to the tree they looked up into its thick branches and saw the egg resting in one of the bird feeders way up in the tree.

“I’ll climb up and get it,” Jordan volunteered.


Hurry to the finish line.  The note told them so Jordan and Bella stated sprinting back to the finish line. 

“We’re going to win,” Bella giggled excitedly. Jordan nodded her head and the girls kept running.


Meanwhile the blue team was over by the pond and Robin collected the egg and Hazel read the note: You can find me in lakes, gardens, and on the road, but I’m the biggest and hardest of them all. 


“Oh this is a hard one….”

“Umm…” the girls searched their minds, then suddenly they both exclaimed at the same time:”The big rock.”

So the girls ran off to their next egg’s location.


It didn’t take long for them to get there and Hazel climbed upon the rock’s flat face and reached down to grab the note.  Hurry back to the finish line.



The two girls hurried off, but at the same time team pink was also on their way.



The two teams were so close, but team pink was trailing slightly. Both teams wanted to win, they could see the prize ahead. Then suddenly….


The end. For now…. 😀

Who will win? You’ll just have to wait and see.   🙂  I’ll post the second part soon.



A Birthday Suprise

Hi. Today is Robins birthday and so a little while ago I ordered A mini Kit doll from Chapters and today Robin got to open her.













Mini Kit is very cute, and I definitely recommend her. Her outfit  has so much detail! If you like pictures of cute mini dolls you can check out a post I did on my old blog, featuring mini Isabelle by the beach when my family and I took a trip to Mexico:  Mini Isabelle in Mexico