Hunted: Part 2


Suddenly Jordan tripped over a rock and fell over. Spoiling the pink team’s chances of winning. Bella rushed over to her.

“Are you okay Jordan?” Bella asked.

Jordan answered: “Yeah, I think I can walk it just hurts.”


Soon the other girls turned away from the finish line and the unknown prize and rushed to Jordan’s aid.


“Let’s all cross the finish line together. That way we can all have the prize.” Robin said.


So they all helped Jordan up and walked to the finish line together.


But to their huge disappointment they found only one fake golden egg.

“Oh come on!” Hazel grumbled.

“I climbed up a tree for this and all we get is one egg?” Jordan asked no one in particular.

“So unfair.” Robin agreed.

“Whoever hid these Easter eggs better hope we never find them or else their in for a lot of complaints from us.”


“I guess we’ll never know who hid the eggs though,” Bella sighed. And that was the truth. They never found out, but the girls didn’t mind. Β They still had a fun day hunting for Easter eggs and that was what mattered.

The End. (For real this time) πŸ˜€

Today was a slightly windy day so if you have ever tried to stand a doll up when the wind is blowing against them you know my struggles. πŸ™‚ Β But I still had a lot of fun with this photo story. So I hoped you enjoyed. Happy Easter!



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