Hazels Hike

Hi! Here’s a quick photo shoot I did with Hazel the other day. In her point of view.


One foot in front of another I step along the old tree’s thick bark.


I love to hike and climb trees. My parents would take me on camping trips when I was younger and it’s just so refreshing to get outside and learn about all the living things around you.


I close my eyes for a second. I let the breeze slowly rock me and feel the sun warm my face and neck.


This reminds me of when I was little and my dad use to hoist me up onto trees. I’d let my feet dangle and giggle at the rush of being up so high.


More memories fly back to me and I smile. The outdoors are a such a lovely place to remember childhood thoughts.


I kind of ended that on a whim but I ran out of pictures  😉   Have a happy Wednesday!



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