Hello again! Another post for  today and it’s also a challenge I’m doing. This time it’s for . BIBPCDSC_1471

The category is texture, so I took an up close picture of some straw that sits around my dog’s house.



DOC #5

Hi! Here’s my entry for the last  DOC.


The theme is food so here’s Jordan dressed as a cupcake!  🙂 My favorite dessert. Have a fabulous day!


BIBPC: Entry 1


I’m late and I know it! I should of posted my first entry yesterday, but I’m still going to see if I can get points for this 😉 .


The category is Little Things and after being stumped for ages I thought, what better to represent something little then my own pinky finger?   😀   Go team Kestrel!


In a Land of Books

Hi! I’ve been super busy all week, but I’m finally getting a post in. I took these photos in the nook under my desk and piled a bunch of books up. I used a filter to turn them all black and white, and I’m really happy with how they turned out.




DSC_1223 (2)


And here’s a quote from Dr. Seuss to inspire you for the day.   🙂


So true. 😀

Did you see any books you’ve read in the piles?