Hi! Here’s my very first entry for CWWC!! Yay! 😀  Go team Half Blood! 🙂


#writing #prompt:



The bus rumbles slowly to a stop in front of me and I climb on side by side the other strange passengers. Slowly I make my way to the back of the bus and sit cross legged in the crammed city bus. Body sweat odor and perfumes mix into a choking scent from unusual beings. I close my eyes and try to block out the honking of horns, and the disgusting smells. But resting does not comfort me either. Images of the place I’m from, the place I belong, come to mind. Me and my lovely Swift. I can hardly bare to think about him. It just hurts to much. My heart aches for a ride on my beautiful dragon’s back and the feeling of rushing through the open sky.

I open my eyes. I try not to think about it, it just happens. Like a bad memory you want to forget, but you can’t. Except this is a good memory. Sometimes good memories hurt the most. I look over at the person across from me in the other row and I see it. The mirror. It shines its mystical light apon me and I lunge for it griping it out of the young woman’s hands. She screeches at me to stop, but it’s to late. The bus arrives at its first stop and I hurry off. She chases after me yelling for me to stop. But I will never stop. Never stop trying to get back to where I belong.

You see mirrors are actually passages to a fantastic world. A world filled with dragons, like Swift, and magic. Oh the magic. You wouldn’t believe what I have seen. But the world is guarded by creatures called Ferrymen and they don’t especially like outsiders to come in. But I’m not an outsider. I’ve been locked out of the world which I hold so dearly to my heart and the only way to get back is through a mirror. The Ferrymen are tricky though. If you want to get to the world they hide the mirrors from you. But if you don’t want to leave this world you can see mirrors all over. But for the ones who want to leave might only see a mirror once in a decade or longer. They occasionally miss a mirror though and you see a mirror. This is my one chance. My one hope to get back.

I keep sprinting. I need to get to a safe place to return home. I bubble with excitement. This is my hope. My chance. But I don’t see it coming. A block on the side walk. An innocent crack foils my escape. I trip and the small chance I had slips out of my fingers and cracks on the grey cement. My chance. My hope. Gone. Broken. I just lay on the ground with scraped knees, and arms and watch the shiny silver pieces shimmer and then disappear.


Wow that was long. If you read that all congratulations. XD Comment your thoughts. Constructive criticism is welcome.



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