Fun Outdoor Ideas (For Girls and Dolls) #1

Hi! I’ve been spending a lot of time outside lately because of the amazing weather we have been having and I thought I’d share some ideas for things to do outside. I have tips for girls and play ideas you can do with your doll. So lets get started.


My first activity is…. join a team sport!

Now that may seem like a pretty obvious thing to do, but if you’ve never done it before here’s some tips to make it more enjoyable.


Tip #1: Find a sport you love.

(Again, pretty obvious.) When you’re looking for a new sport don’t limit yourself to what all your friends are doing. Try something different. Maybe your friend is awesome at baseball, but it’s just not your thing. Don’t force it. Go for something your really love. There’s lots of different options to try this time of year.


Tip #2: Make lots of new friends

You’re not the most outgoing person and when all the other girls are talking at the end of practice you just keep to yourself. Ever been in that situation? I have. It’s not much fun. If your a shy person try to break out of your shell a bit. Take baby steps. Talk to someone who looks nice. Smile and give compliments. The more new people you meet and the more friends you make the more fun it is to play together.


Tip #3: Don’t let losing or winning effect things

Remember all the times you parents said to you “it’s not about winning, it’s about having fun”? Well it’s true. Don’t worry so much about how many goals you made or how many times you missed just keep in mind how much you’ve improved and how much fun you have.


Now those are my tips for girls and here are my tips for doll play.


Outfit Idea: Hazel is wearing a pair of shorts from an AG soccer outfit and her T-shirt was made by my grandma and I cut the sleeves off and I used the sleeves for soccer “socks”. Also on the tank top I used a anchor stamp and colored it with fabric pens and stamped it.


I used a soccer ball from the same AG outfit and here’s a tutorial on how to make a Doll Soccer Net.



Hope you enjoyed! I have two more ideas to try coming soon  🙂



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