Here’s my second entry! ๐Ÿ™‚


Writing prompt:


The school bell rings and the classroom and all my peers leave the room, but I stay seated in the small classroom. Mrs. Johnson asked me to stay after class. Again.

She walks over to me. A small pitying smile plays on her pale pink lips.

“Listen,ย August. Your grades are slipping again. Have you been going to your tutoring lessons?” She asks sighing.

“Of course.” I say quietly.

“Well your math scores are getting worse and worse. I have a free night next Monday. If you want we can go over your test, make some corrections, and bump up your mark.”

“Thank you.”

“Ok you can go. Have a good evening.”
“You too.” I mumble and slink out of the empty classroom with bare walls and dull desks. This place feels like a prison to me. Get up. Go to school. Come home. Try to get homework done. Go to bed. A never ending mediocre routine everyday. I rush out of the school dropping my books off at my locker and quickly picking up a note that fell out. My English homework assignment that was due 3 months ago. They told me to write down all the things that describe who I am. I came up with nothing. I just don’t really know who I am. It’s not that easy for me.


I sit on my bed and stare at it. The box of bad memories. I put the old English assignment on my bed and write down one word: Lonely. That’s what am. I’m lonely. Then the rest just come pouring out of me.

Confused, angry, sad, out ofย control, dumb.

I write down dumb smashing the pencil into the paper and breaking the lead. I start to cry. It’s not easy for me to let out feelings either. Nothings ever easy for me.

I keep all the bad moments in this box. A box of hate, shame, and hurt. But I won’t let it slowly drag me down anymore. I’m still young. I can turn my life around. I can be more than just a dumb, out of control, mess. I shove the assignment into the box, duct tape the lid on tight and grab it in my arms cradling it to my chest. I run outside and into my backyard, grabbing a box of matches on my way out. I start at the old worn cardboard box corner and light it up.

This is no longer a part of me. This is not who I am. I’m better than this. I watch as the cardboard turns black. I watch the insides turn to dust and I just stand and stare at it. All the years of bad memories bottled up let go free into the sky. I was waiting for somebody to tell me to end my bad feelings, but all along I knew nobody was coming. I needed a hero. But I denied it. Now I’ll be my own hero. This box is the end of something terrible and the start of something great. I slowly make my way back to my room and get another piece of lined paper and write down just one simple word:


Thanks for reading! That was kind of dark, but at least it has a happyish ending :). Comment what you thought.


P.S. Go team half blood!! ย ๐Ÿ˜‰




13 thoughts on “CWWC 2016: CHALLENGE #2

  1. Great use of prompts! I love the descriptions and the way she walked away stronger, deciding to overcome her flaws instead of letting them rule her! Again great job and its awesome we’re on the same team!

    Liked by 1 person

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