Hey. I’ve been posting a lot lately! Seriously, I don’t think I’ve ever posted this much in one week. XD Anyway here’s my entry for the third PTPWC challenge. This time the prompt are these photos:

forest girl in hood

I pull the cloak tight around me. The shadow behind me looms closer and closer. I have to go faster. But I am so weary. I’ll never make it back in time. I will my legs to go father, but suddenly my knee buckles and I fall, hitting my head on a sharp rock. My vision blurs and all I see before I black out is his dark brown eyes staring down at me.


I feel a soft warmth spread across my body. I roll over, open my eyes and scream. I’m high off the ground. Way to high. A roaring river gushes below me. I can barely hear myself think with the noise. Where am I? And more importantly where is he? But I see no one. I’m alone on a wooden peak overlooking the foreign landscape. Where I come from there are only trees as far as the eye can see. This is nothing like the world I have come to know and expect. I take a step back onto the soft soil. How did I get here? A million other questions race through my head. But I have no answers. All I have is a thick black cloak, empty questions, and a pocket full of lost treasures.

I pull off the cloak exposing my pale skin to the light. It feels so glorious to be out of the darkness and in the suns warming brightness.  Something I haven’t felt in a long time.

Ok that was quite short, but I have a lot of challenges to complete.  🙂



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