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The worlds not safe anymore. Scratched into our once friendly front door. It use to have a welcome mat. Now it has and unforgettable message. My mother wrote that. Just before her and my father went out to look for our sister. The one who ran away. She had always been different from the rest of us. She didn’t care that the world was ending outside the safe walls of our home. She wanted to be outside, fighting, and helping the people who couldn’t help themselves. My parents explained to her that there was know way to help. That it was over. She was older than us so my parents told her the truth bluntly. The world was ending. But we listened and eavesdropped and heard the worst. She ran out the next morning and all we could do was watch her run along the stone path her hair flying in her face. She needed a hero so that’s what she became.

My parents packed supplies and then went out after her. But just before my mother left she implanted the message in the door to remind us. She said she would be back soon. That she would be home with Max, our sister. But as we watched from the window we saw them running and then suddenly they fell to the ground broken glass all around their motionless bodies. I shut the blind. They weren’t coming back. No one ever comes back if they stray past the border. What lies beyond the border of these walls is unknown to us. My sisters and I still had food to feed us for years to come down in the basement. I knew though, it wouldn’t be enough. We started eating less and less. Our days seemed to last eternities inside that house. We would sit on the staircase and just watch the door. Fear and boredom together in a dangerous mix. Some nights we would just cry together. Cry for what we’ve lost.

One fateful night that I will never forget came quickly after our parents were gone. A small dirty note slipped under our door. All it said was:

It is cunning, it is brave, it is brutal, it is relentless and it is hunting us.

I wrapped my sisters in my arms. Whoever it was from was out there. Beyond the border and somehow still living. We needed to know the truth. We were told never open the curtains all the way. But desperate times had blurred our sense of obedience. My youngest sister wrote on the back of the note: Who is hunting us? Who are you?

She slipped it under the door and we sat and watched out the window to see if the stranger who left the note would come back. We waited and waited until it was late at night. Barely able to see out the front window I looked for something, anything that could be human. My sisters were both asleep beside me, unable to stay up any longer. But I was still wide awake. I needed to know what was out there. And then a few minutes after the clock chimed midnight. I saw the faint outline of a figure creeping up our front steps. I shut the curtain and quickly woke up my sisters. We raced to the door, as quite as mice and soundlessly undid all the latches on the door one by one. Our hands were nimble and we finished quickly, but by the time we ripped open the door a bone chilling breeze swept into the house. My teeth rattled. We watched as the small figure ran off past the border and disappeared. My sister called out them in the silence like they would actually hear, like they would actually care.

A note flew past my ear and I caught it as it began its descend to the ground. It read: The Gators. Th Gators are hunting us. I grabbed my sisters back and shut the door as quickly as I could. Latching and re-shutting all the bolts. The worlds not safe anymore. Now I know why.


Ok I had no idea what to call whatever was hunting them so I just thought of a random word. XD Which just happened to be Gators which does not have any association with alligators in case you were wondering. XD Anyway I hope you enjoyed. 🙂 Have a great day. 🙂



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