Hi! I injured my finger so if there’s any grammar mistakes I blame it on typing with one hand 🙂 .

Her bow was loaded, her mind racing. Moving in broad daylight, her stupidest idea yet. But she pressed on. This was what she had trained for.


Just the day before a girl around the same age was out in the dead of night. In hiding also. They told her not to play with fire, but she did.She was mystified by the enchanting flames. She would dance around while the rest of her village slept. :  They told her to let others rescue her when she needed help. But she needed a hero, so that’s what she became.  :

The two girls paths were destined to cross very soon. The girl of day and the girl of night.

The girl of day with her bow in hand was ready to get back the box that was stolen from her  father long ago. It held scraps and pieces of the past that her family would rather forget and it sat buried in the middle of the village. The only one who knew it was her family, but if anyone ever found it and opened it a giant scandal of their family would erupt. So she was sent to retrieve the box and then burn it.

She had made it past the guards that surrounded and protected the community and all was silent inside. She made her way to the center, stowed her bow and began to dig. Bit by bit she uncovered the soil. Until finally she struck a soft object in the dirt. A box labeled BAD MEMORIES DO NOT OPEN.Writing prompt:

Naturally she opened it out of curiosity, even though she had gotten strict orders to burn it right away. But she couldn’t help herself. She leafed through the old documents one by one, while tiny tears rolled down her cheek. Slamming the box shut she grabbed her matches and made her way back to the path which she had come. Then she waited for the sun to set.

The girl of night was also waiting for the sun to set. Back in her quiet home in the village she sat and watched. Finally after what seemed an eternity the sun plunked out of sight. So the girl crept out of bed to her favorite place to dance with the flames. But on her way she noticed another fire off in the distance. She could almost hear the sound of someone weeping. She moved closer and closer until finally the back of the person with the fire was in view.

The girl of day turned around and was shocked to see a small girl staring back at her.

The other girl gasped “Who are you?”

“You know who I am.” The girl of day stated and lifted off her hood.


“You’re the princess.” She answered breathlessly.


Suddenly more noises came from the bush and a guard appeared his eyes widening when he realized what he’d seen. She called out his name in the silence. Like he’d actually hear, like he’d actually care.  : He ran back to the village to alert the others. When the girl of night looked back all she saw was darkness. The fire was gone and so was the princess.




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