I don’t belong here. That’s what my grandmother told me when my father died. His grave was an unfriendly hard slab of rock, his name was not even carved in the stone. All it said was: Here lies a man who was not of this earth. I never understood why it said that. It kept up late at night wondering why anyone would want that on their grave. But my father insisted before he died that that would be what it said and nobody says no to adying mans wish. So my father lies six feet under with a heavy and confusing stone directly above his head.

My grandmother explained things very simply to me three months later.

“You see Abigal. The truth is on the stone. You, your father, and I are not from this earth.” I just watched and listened as she leaned over the edge of the roof and inhaled deeply. The air was more fresh up here, the moon and the stars seemed brighter, and she felt free.

“Let me show you something.” I followed her back down the staircase to our roof. My grandmother had a strict no questions asked policy so I remained silent as we entered her bedroom. On the wall were heavy looking glass bottles filled with different colored sands. I stared in awe, but as I looked closer I saw the contents of the bottle shift ever so slightly. I couldn’t help myself and questioned her quietly,

“What are they?”

She look ed at me sternly but answered “Entrances to other worlds. I’ve collected them over the years. This one,” She said as she picked up a glass jar filled with green sand.

“is where we are from. Your father was not allowed back and I wouldn’t leave him in this retched world, but now that he is… gone, we can go back and live a normal life.”

A normal life? How is any of this normal I asked myself. I peered at my grandmother. She had a crazed look on her face. I didn’t want to leave earth and so that night I crept into my grandmothers room and grasped the small jar in my hands. We were going to make our escape tomorrow morning. But I would never leave. I took the jar and ran away into the street, but my foot caught and suddenly in slow motion I fell with the jar in my hands and watched it shatter all around me. The sand flew up in billows and engulfed me and suddenly I wasn’t in my quiet neighborhood street anymore. I was lying on the ground in a forest. Alone.

I looked at a tree nearby and scratched on the bark was a bone chilling message.

Not all haunted places are houses.

I screamed. But I was far far away from anything I had every know.

“Here lies a girl who was not from this world.”  I whisper.



Thanks for reading 😀




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