BIBPC: Before and After

Hi! This is the last category for BIBPC.  I had so much fun 😦


So here’s my original photo ^^^

How I got it: I was at my grandma’s and her cat was just so picture perfect for a moment that I had to take a photo. I only had my phone at the time so this picture was taken with my iPhone.


And above is my edited version. I like how it turned out because it looks so much cozier and cuter. Below is just an extra picture I edited.

IMG_1296 (2)

Come on team Kestrel we can do this!!!! XD

-Anna 🙂





Hi! I missed that last challenge so I am trying to make up for it with this one. This may be a little crazy, but I’m going to try and see what happens 🙂 .


“Come closer,” she whispered. “The butterflies have all manner of things to show you…”:





A girl is running deep in the worst sand storm that was ever recorded in the history of Wilderia. She runs for her life and the life of the tiny Faerie whose tugging on her shoulder. She runs through a grave yard, and then an abandoned village. The only thing keeping her tired legs going is the echoing words of the Faerie ringing in her ears: It’s cunning, it’s brave, it’s relentless, and it’s hunting us.

She repeats it over and over. But the words sound hallow even to her. They can never quite sink in. The it is not something you want to be hunted by. It’s the kind of thing that keeps young children up at night. Watching and waiting for it’s possible arrival. For most it never comes. The stretched white shadows that move like the wind and come for you from the forest when you’re asleep. But this girl is not like the other children of her far away village. She has Faerie blood. The kids believe that the snow white creatures are good. That they come to free the little children, that they want to help them. But This girl knows better. She knows what they really come for. They come to kill. 

And so she runs far away from the town where she was born and grew up. She runs to the land of the Faeries. The land of her ancestors. And after a tiering night and being whipped about by the tiny dust particles she sees the sign. It reads: Here Be Faeries.

She has arrived. Suddenly the little Faerie on her should takes of. It’s tiny wings zip by, and two tiny  glowing blue butterflies follow.

“Wait!” She quickly calls out the tiny Faerie’s name in the silence, like she would actually hear, like she would actually care. The Faerie’s concern was no longer needed. Her duty to keep the girl safe was done. But the Faerie did not know that the girls troubles were far from over.


Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed! If you liked it please leave me a comment. 🙂



Hey. I’ve been posting a lot lately! Seriously, I don’t think I’ve ever posted this much in one week. XD Anyway here’s my entry for the third PTPWC challenge. This time the prompt are these photos:

forest girl in hood

I pull the cloak tight around me. The shadow behind me looms closer and closer. I have to go faster. But I am so weary. I’ll never make it back in time. I will my legs to go father, but suddenly my knee buckles and I fall, hitting my head on a sharp rock. My vision blurs and all I see before I black out is his dark brown eyes staring down at me.


I feel a soft warmth spread across my body. I roll over, open my eyes and scream. I’m high off the ground. Way to high. A roaring river gushes below me. I can barely hear myself think with the noise. Where am I? And more importantly where is he? But I see no one. I’m alone on a wooden peak overlooking the foreign landscape. Where I come from there are only trees as far as the eye can see. This is nothing like the world I have come to know and expect. I take a step back onto the soft soil. How did I get here? A million other questions race through my head. But I have no answers. All I have is a thick black cloak, empty questions, and a pocket full of lost treasures.

I pull off the cloak exposing my pale skin to the light. It feels so glorious to be out of the darkness and in the suns warming brightness.  Something I haven’t felt in a long time.

Ok that was quite short, but I have a lot of challenges to complete.  🙂


BIBPC, Category #6


Hi! This category is action. So the best I could come up with was this^^^

How I Got It: I took one of our hula hoops threw it high up into the air (it was a cloudy day). It took me a few tries, (I accidentally threw it into our garden once) XD , but eventually I got a good shot.

Let’s go team Kestrel! We can do this! 🙂


P.S What do you think of my new background?


Here’s my second entry! 🙂


Writing prompt:


The school bell rings and the classroom and all my peers leave the room, but I stay seated in the small classroom. Mrs. Johnson asked me to stay after class. Again.

She walks over to me. A small pitying smile plays on her pale pink lips.

“Listen, August. Your grades are slipping again. Have you been going to your tutoring lessons?” She asks sighing.

“Of course.” I say quietly.

“Well your math scores are getting worse and worse. I have a free night next Monday. If you want we can go over your test, make some corrections, and bump up your mark.”

“Thank you.”

“Ok you can go. Have a good evening.”
“You too.” I mumble and slink out of the empty classroom with bare walls and dull desks. This place feels like a prison to me. Get up. Go to school. Come home. Try to get homework done. Go to bed. A never ending mediocre routine everyday. I rush out of the school dropping my books off at my locker and quickly picking up a note that fell out. My English homework assignment that was due 3 months ago. They told me to write down all the things that describe who I am. I came up with nothing. I just don’t really know who I am. It’s not that easy for me.


I sit on my bed and stare at it. The box of bad memories. I put the old English assignment on my bed and write down one word: Lonely. That’s what am. I’m lonely. Then the rest just come pouring out of me.

Confused, angry, sad, out of control, dumb.

I write down dumb smashing the pencil into the paper and breaking the lead. I start to cry. It’s not easy for me to let out feelings either. Nothings ever easy for me.

I keep all the bad moments in this box. A box of hate, shame, and hurt. But I won’t let it slowly drag me down anymore. I’m still young. I can turn my life around. I can be more than just a dumb, out of control, mess. I shove the assignment into the box, duct tape the lid on tight and grab it in my arms cradling it to my chest. I run outside and into my backyard, grabbing a box of matches on my way out. I start at the old worn cardboard box corner and light it up.

This is no longer a part of me. This is not who I am. I’m better than this. I watch as the cardboard turns black. I watch the insides turn to dust and I just stand and stare at it. All the years of bad memories bottled up let go free into the sky. I was waiting for somebody to tell me to end my bad feelings, but all along I knew nobody was coming. I needed a hero. But I denied it. Now I’ll be my own hero. This box is the end of something terrible and the start of something great. I slowly make my way back to my room and get another piece of lined paper and write down just one simple word:


Thanks for reading! That was kind of dark, but at least it has a happyish ending :). Comment what you thought.


P.S. Go team half blood!!  😉



Quote of The Day Challenge 3

Hi. Ok so this is totally late, but whatever  :).


“My coach said I run like a girl, and I said if he ran a little faster he could too.” -Mia Hamm

Love this quote so I took a picture from this post and put the quote on it with picmonkey. It’s a little hard to read, but I love how it turned out. 🙂

I nominate anyone who runs like a girl and is proud 😉



Fun Outdoor Ideas (For Girls and Dolls) #1

Hi! I’ve been spending a lot of time outside lately because of the amazing weather we have been having and I thought I’d share some ideas for things to do outside. I have tips for girls and play ideas you can do with your doll. So lets get started.


My first activity is…. join a team sport!

Now that may seem like a pretty obvious thing to do, but if you’ve never done it before here’s some tips to make it more enjoyable.


Tip #1: Find a sport you love.

(Again, pretty obvious.) When you’re looking for a new sport don’t limit yourself to what all your friends are doing. Try something different. Maybe your friend is awesome at baseball, but it’s just not your thing. Don’t force it. Go for something your really love. There’s lots of different options to try this time of year.


Tip #2: Make lots of new friends

You’re not the most outgoing person and when all the other girls are talking at the end of practice you just keep to yourself. Ever been in that situation? I have. It’s not much fun. If your a shy person try to break out of your shell a bit. Take baby steps. Talk to someone who looks nice. Smile and give compliments. The more new people you meet and the more friends you make the more fun it is to play together.


Tip #3: Don’t let losing or winning effect things

Remember all the times you parents said to you “it’s not about winning, it’s about having fun”? Well it’s true. Don’t worry so much about how many goals you made or how many times you missed just keep in mind how much you’ve improved and how much fun you have.


Now those are my tips for girls and here are my tips for doll play.


Outfit Idea: Hazel is wearing a pair of shorts from an AG soccer outfit and her T-shirt was made by my grandma and I cut the sleeves off and I used the sleeves for soccer “socks”. Also on the tank top I used a anchor stamp and colored it with fabric pens and stamped it.


I used a soccer ball from the same AG outfit and here’s a tutorial on how to make a Doll Soccer Net.



Hope you enjoyed! I have two more ideas to try coming soon  🙂