Mabel Pines

Hi! Last night I was busy making the third journal from Gravity Falls for my dolls! For those of you who don’t know, Gravity Falls is a TV show that I just love. So here’s some pictures of Hazel dressed up as Mabel.






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Here is what Mabel actually looks like and above is the journal.



And to end with a quote from Mabel: “I’ll be there with you, brother. Whatever happens, I’ll be right here, supporting you every step of the–OH MY GOSH A PIG!!!!!

Would you like to see a tutorial on how to make it?

Have a great day.  🙂


Around The Web

Hey! Today I just have a bunch of links to posts that I thought were really good in these past few weeks. Please note that none of these photos are my own.

Journal of Two Dolls has a beautiful photo shoot with Caroline (one of my favorite dolls that I never got).

Jacob Riis Park, May 2016

Super Inky has a really sweet photo story with stunning photography.

At Buzz About AG you can find an amazing photo shoot with a very pretty dress and a great song.


In Treasured Friendship With a Flair  you see a gorgeous outfit that just looks great on Samantha.

So go check those out. 🙂


P.S I’m participating in Loren’s new doll camp. So from August 15 – 20 I will have a bunch of crafts and other stuff up for you. 😀

P.P.S  Rutvi’s created The Blogger’s Fantasy Notebook: Writing Challenge which you should totally go sign up for.