Robin’s Violin

Told in Robin’s point of view.

Hello. I’m Robin. You may already know me, but I’d like it if we could start anew. So lets begin a new chapter with a simple fact about me: art is one of my loves. But I am not limited to drawing and painting and that kind of art. But instead I choose to expand my horizons. I love all kinds of art: drama, painting, writing, drawing, dance, and music. Today I would like to talk about my violin and my love of music.


I received my violin from my parents on a birthday when I was just a little kid. All I saw when I opened the gift was a unknown instrument, I didn’t know that in the near future I would become very attached to the disappointment of a present.


My mom insisted that I take lessons within the next year. I started with a music teacher named Mr.Charlie. Despite his love of music he was very dull and didn’t breath a single piece of life into learning the instrument.


I very quickly became bored with going to lessons and I gave up and stopped practicing it at all. I closed the lid on the idea of me ever become a musician.


But my mother was persistent. She found me a new teacher. The teacher didn’t make me call her an annoying teacher name but instead let me call her by her first name. Lucy. She treated me like a friend and not a student. She introduced me to new beautiful pieces of music and I became intrigued with the art of playing lovely tunes.


So I began practicing and going to lessons again. It was fun to go and visit Lucy. We would play and practice and after every lesson we would sit down and enjoy a cup of tea together.


I still go to lessons with Lucy. She’s an old woman now and she is like a  grandmother to me. I love the violin. I love the amazing sounds it makes, the great feeling I get when I learn a new song, and I especially love the tea that I get afterwards. 🙂

If you read this all I applaud you. Do you play a instrument?