Camp Dolliwatha: Make a Cute Summer Tank Top!

Hi! Today at camp I’m going to show you how to make a cute Tied Back Tank Top!

Make a Cut Tied Back Summer Tank Top. Perfect for Camping


All you need is a sock and fabric scissors.


First cut your sock in half. It doesn’t really matter which end you use, but since this one has a cute bow at the top I used that end.


Next cut arm holes in the side of your shirt.


Then put the top on your doll and put her hair up out of the way and throw the draw strings over her shoulder.


Next I cut four lines on each side of the cut. But in the end I cut off the top one (that’s a little thicker than the others) and didn’t tie it.


Finally you need to start tying them together, until all of them are done up.



And you’re finished!

Now your doll can wear this to the beach or on a camping trip!

It’s super easy to make a lot of these if you just buy a bunch of cute inexpensive socks.

Your Camp Counselor,

-Hazel ❤


Flower Power

Hi! If you have snapchat you probably know all about the cartoony  filters you can put on anyone or anything (I once put it on a cat  XD ) But I never thought to put it on a doll until I saw a post by AG Dolls and Fun about how she did it! So I just had to try it for myself and here’s the result:

FullSizeRender (1)

So cute right?


A Birthday Suprise

Hi. Today is Robins birthday and so a little while ago I ordered A mini Kit doll from Chapters and today Robin got to open her.













Mini Kit is very cute, and I definitely recommend her. Her outfit  has so much detail! If you like pictures of cute mini dolls you can check out a post I did on my old blog, featuring mini Isabelle by the beach when my family and I took a trip to Mexico:  Mini Isabelle in Mexico


Robin’s Violin

Told in Robin’s point of view.

Hello. I’m Robin. You may already know me, but I’d like it if we could start anew. So lets begin a new chapter with a simple fact about me: art is one of my loves. But I am not limited to drawing and painting and that kind of art. But instead I choose to expand my horizons. I love all kinds of art: drama, painting, writing, drawing, dance, and music. Today I would like to talk about my violin and my love of music.


I received my violin from my parents on a birthday when I was just a little kid. All I saw when I opened the gift was a unknown instrument, I didn’t know that in the near future I would become very attached to the disappointment of a present.


My mom insisted that I take lessons within the next year. I started with a music teacher named Mr.Charlie. Despite his love of music he was very dull and didn’t breath a single piece of life into learning the instrument.


I very quickly became bored with going to lessons and I gave up and stopped practicing it at all. I closed the lid on the idea of me ever become a musician.


But my mother was persistent. She found me a new teacher. The teacher didn’t make me call her an annoying teacher name but instead let me call her by her first name. Lucy. She treated me like a friend and not a student. She introduced me to new beautiful pieces of music and I became intrigued with the art of playing lovely tunes.


So I began practicing and going to lessons again. It was fun to go and visit Lucy. We would play and practice and after every lesson we would sit down and enjoy a cup of tea together.


I still go to lessons with Lucy. She’s an old woman now and she is like a  grandmother to me. I love the violin. I love the amazing sounds it makes, the great feeling I get when I learn a new song, and I especially love the tea that I get afterwards. 🙂

If you read this all I applaud you. Do you play a instrument?